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Joe Jordan:
Dirtbag of the
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Jordan, who lives in Houston, calls himself the "Strike Force Commander" of the "National Vietnam POW Strike Force."  When I was assigned to both DIA and DPMO, we received regular faxes from Jordan.  As best anyone could determine, his "strike force" consisted of himself, a half-dozen other losers, and a vivid imagination.

Jordan was a Navy communications technician whose sole contact with the Vietnam War was service in a Navy reconnaissance squadron stationed in the Philippines.  This squadron supported electronic reconnaissance operations aimed at intercepting North Vietnamese communications, thus, people like Jordan would be sent on temporary duty to Da Nang, Vietnam, where they would work on the communications equipment.  That's what happened to Jordan -- he spent less than six months on temporary duty in Da Nang.   However, to hear Jordan tell it, he damn near won the war himself.  In one issue of his organization's "newsletter," Jordan wrote the following:

"I am a heavily-decorated Vietnam Veteran.  I flew 147 Combat Missions North of the 17th Parallel.  I was one of the luck ones who made it home.   If a SAM rocket had been a few inches closer, I would be what is referred to as POW/MIA.  I volunteered for three tours of duty in a unit with a very high casualty rate. (sic)"

In 1993-94, Jordan and MIA father Earl Hopper, Sr. got into a pissing contest with each other.  Hopper -- who knows how to work the system -- obtained a copy of Jordan's military personnel records through a Freedom of Information Act request from the National Personnel Records Center.  About the same time, author Malcolm McConnell was working on his book Inside Hanoi's Secret Archives, in which he revealed Jordan's phony background -- McConnell also obtained Jordan's records.  Hopper wrote a summary of Jordan's actual military record and compared the facts to the claims Jordan was making -- then Hopper mailed copies of his comparison to everyone he could think of.  Jordan went nuts, firing off letters and faxes damning Hopper -- it was a real circus.  Regardless, this is what Jordan's actual military record shows:

bulletNavy enlisted communications technician.
bulletOne temporary duty period in 1968 in Da Nang, less than six months .
bulletHe was assigned to Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One during which he performed "combat support" missions.
bulletThis unit did not suffer  "a very high casualty rate."  In fact, their only losses came when the North Koreans (that's right, Koreans, not Vietnamese) shot down one of their reconnaissance aircraft off the coast of North Korea in April 1969.
bulletInstead of being "heavily-decorated," Jordan received one National Defense Service Medal (everyone in uniform receives one) and two Air Medals.
bulletThe commander of the unit to which Jordan was assigned told McConnell that Jordan's claims of combat were outrageous.  He said the unit's practice was that when the technicians came from the Philippines, they would be permitted to fly enough combat support missions to earn a couple of Air Medals -- awarded for a certain number of missions.   And these were electronic eavesdropping missions flown in safe orbit over the South China Sea, not combat missions.

Jordan was a great one for sending faxes containing threats, curses, and general childish nonsense.  For example, in September 1993, he sent a fax to DIA Director Lieutenant General James Clapper that contained the following:

"Dear Slippery Jim :  I just wanted to write to you today and tell you today just what a real loser, liar, coward, incompetent, ignorant, arrogant, slimeball, traitor, faggot, turncoat, communist, queer-lover, slacker and generally worthless piece of human garbage you are (Sorry, Jim, no more Mr. Nice Guy)."

Jordan once contacted the daughter of a missing man and told her that her father had been returned to the U.S. under a secret government program.  He told her that she could not tell anyone what she had just learned, even other family members could not be told.  In tears, the woman called her casualty officer who gave her the facts about Jordan.

Joe Jordan likes to show up at events wearing a mixture of uniform parts and decorations, most of which he is not entitled to wear.  Here is a photo of Jordan selling junk at the "MIA vigil booth" on the Mall in Washington, near the Vietnam Memorial.  I can't make out the badge that he is wearing on the beret -- looks like the hood ornament from a '57 Buick Roadmaster.  Regardless, Jordan never served in a unit that wore a beret, just a sailor cap.

jordan.jpg (121599 bytes)

Joe Jordan, Dirtbag
Wearing unauthorized uniform parts
and selling cheap junk at the
Vietnam Memorial

Jordan likes to pose for photographs, holding high-powered weapons, standing next to good looking young women.  During the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston, Jordan was on the Secret Service watch list of people who posed potential threats to President Reagan.

Jordan's "Strike Force" pops up now and then, mainly pulling stupid stunts.   And that's about all one should expect from Jordan and his cronies.

Update -- August 28, 2002 -- You won't believe this!

While surfing around the Internet, I happened upon several items posted by Joe Jordan; they are quoted below. 

Joe Jordan says:  Bill Clinton had Sonny Bono assassinated

Let's start with this one.  Remember Sonny Bono -- the Sonny of Sonny and Cher, and Congressman from California?  Remember that he died in a skiing accident?   Well, here's Jordan's take on the Sonny Bono "assassination." 


FROM:JOE JORDAN, Executive Director
2615 Waugh Drive, Suite 217
Houston, Texas 77006-2799
TEL: (713) 680-3181
FAX: (713) 680-3185
DATE: January 07, 1998
TIME: 10:58 AM CST

CONGRESSMAN BONO ASSASSINATED FOR SUPPORTING ANTI-HANOI NUNG TRIBESMEN 1/6/98 . . . Dateline Lake Tahoe . . . President Clinton, desperate to suspend the Jackson-Vanik Act which is impeding Most Favored Nation Trading (MFN) status to communist North Vietnam, decided to send a bold message to the few remaining supporters of the notion of Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights in the U.S. Congress. In the final months of the fall of Hong Kong to the Red Chinese, hundreds of Nung mercenaries who fought bravely against the Vietcong while on the payroll of the CIA and US Special Forces faced deportation and certain death back to Nam. Thanks to the efforts of Congressman Bono, and Senators D'Amato and Helms and POW/MIA, veteran and Viet Kieu groups in America, the U.S. State Dept. was forced to reconsider their status and they were granted diplomatic immunity literally at the midnight hour. The communist North Vietnamese, who like Red China, had made millions in illegal contributions to Clinton and the DNC demanded revenge in blood and Clinton paid off his markers to Hanoi. MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: I have skied the slopes where Bono was killed. Bono himself had skied them every year for the last 20. The trails are banked and well-groomed. An experienced skier would have to make a very concerted effort to hit the trees. The ranks of the elite units of the US Army (10th Mountain Division, Ft. Drum NY) and the Delta Force (Task Force 152) both have expert skiers who can downhill quickly while firing assault rifles or stinger missiles. Two of those commandoes could have blind-sided Bono from left and behind just before his left sweep and sent him careening into the trees. Another possibility is for a very large commando to simply ski into a tree holding the diminutive Bono out in front of him to be used as a shock absorber of "Air Bag". Of course, any evidence at the scene is now obliterated and an autopsy (at least one that can be believed) is out of the question. Bono died in action against North Vietnam. His name should be added to the wall.


And, folks, this is a real quote -- I could not make up something like this.   Check it out here: http://dev.null.org/psychoceramics/archives/1998.01/msg00025.html

Are you ready for more?

Here is another Jordan-ism.  Remember TWA Flight 800 that went down near New York's JFK airport?  Jordan has hit upon the reason.


[Yachtsmen found] bags of HIV positive human blood in the TWA wreckage. It is now confirmed that French Dr. Rudolf Merrieux was on board and had recently returned form Africa on Ebola research. He works for Rhone-Poulenc which does secret germ warfare research. He was an associate applicant for a U.S. patent for a human DNA genome of a primitive tribe in New Guinea that is resistant to Hanta, kuru (Mad Cow) ebola and aido." - National Vietnam P.O.W. Strike Force, TWA Update.


This quote can be found here:  http://www.choosinglife.net/TWA.htm

Wait!!!  There's more -- Jordan outdoes even himself -- this guy is completely off his rocker

Check out Joe Jordan's theory on SwissAir Flight 111.



Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 22:39:51 -0500
From: "Joe L. Jordan" <powstryk@flash.net
To: AA POW STRIKE FORCE <powstryk@flash.net

I just got off the phone with the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington DC. They confirmed that Prince Bandar, Saudi Ambassador to the United States was onthe plane and is now dead. He is one of the richest men in the world and is  (Was)involved in
some of the blackest ops the CIA ever dealt with; Iran-Contra, drugs from the Golden triangle, sale of chem/bio weapons to Iraq, savings and loans swindles, drugs through Mena AR, Bush, Clinton, Ollie North, etc.

Most of you are probably not aware that the chancery residence for Prince Bandar is only 600 ft from where Vince Foster's body was found. If you have a copy of the flight manifest from Ken Vardon, at<APFN@netbox.com look at the tenth name down:
Alsaud, Bandar. That's him. Apparently, Bandar chumped somebody big on a deal or reneged on a promise and hit order was passed down. The person to contact on this is Sherman Skolnick in Chicago. His number is (773)375-5741. Tell him POW STRYK Joe said to call.

Other fascinating tidbits:

1. Four of the top AIDS researchers in the world were on board. The scumbag US Govt was not interested in their research and they were headed to Geneva to see if the European community was interested. THE USG does not want AIDS
to be cured until every *-deleted-* in the world is dead. Versace's assassain was member of Gamma Mu(Gay men) and their code prohibited the use of condoms.

2. The bodies were all in pieces. Not a single whole corpse was recovered. In a very similar crash, TWA 800, almost all the bodies were recovered intact still strapped to their seats. Did anyone say bomb?

3. Again I stress, early news reports(LIKe at the OKC Bombing)are the only ones that are accurate. They said there were 35 survivors and a bomb blew up the plane.

4. The last six minutes of flight had no radio contact with Halifax tower. Perhaps the fire burned up the radio wires. Or perhaps we have another Ron Brown type crash where all the tapes from the Dubrovnik tower simply disappeared. This crash has a very foul
smell to it (Did somebody say CIA?)

5. We have it on good information that there were members of several elite hit teams on board and they were unaware of each other's presence. Vice President Gore is scheduled to visit Moscow in two weeks. The team sent to assassinate him was allegedly on the plane. The plan is to whack him and then in a classic Nixon/Ford/Rockefeller arabesque segue using the 25th ammendment, Clinton will appoint Jay Rockefeller the new VP; Clinton will be impeached over Monica Lewinsky and the richest family in the world will have their lifelong dream: A rockefeller president without an election. The antichrist and the new world order will become a viable fetus in the blink of an eye.

7. Other hit team members were from Delta Force task force 152, Israel Mossad elite K team(Based in Geneva). (The K Team whacked Diana). Most importantly were members of Operation Clydesdale and possibly the ringleader Gunther Russbacher on the manifest under a false name. I have tried calling Gunther 3 times in Bristol, England and get only his answering machine. He -has always been prompt in returning calls, so I am concerned. The genesis of Clydesdale goes back to Pegasus which was begat by Phoenix(Colby).

Several high-ranking USAF generals and colonels have been whacked lately, the most recent was Brigadier Gen David McCloud (CG Alaskan Command). Others were killed right before OKC in a lear jet crash in Alabama.

Sherman Skolnick was interviewed by a film team from Der Spiegel on the Diana assassination and the film showed all over European TV last Sunday. The following Wednesday Swissair 111 hits the drink in a million tiny pieces.

Would your U.S. Govt and CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC lie to you????

Joe L. Jordan
Executive Director
National Vietnam POW Strike Force
(713)680-3181 voice 3185 FAX


Does anyone need any more proof that this guy has gone completely around the bend?   And remember, he and his "Vietnam POW Strike Force" are associates of the National Alliance of Families.