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In Honor of the Other

Vietnam Veterans

It is easy for we Americans, Canadian, and Aussies who fought in Vietnam to forget that there is a whole population of Vietnam veterans who saw it through to the end.  I speak of the armed forces of South Vietnam.  Unlike us, they did not return home after 364 and a wake up.  They got no R&R.  They just fought on and on.

The South Vietnamese armed forces are criticized for being mediocre troops with untrustworthy leaders.  That may have been so in some cases but I believe that most of the South Vietnamese soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines were good troops, led by competent officers who put up a damn fine fight -- until the only friends they had walked out on them.

Here are some links to sites that tell the story from the point of view of the South Vietnamese armed forces.  If you know of other sites, please e-mail the URL to me.  Thanks.

Gentlemen, I salute you.

bulletI Still Recall Binh Gia, by Major Tan Ve.  (Note:  This URL may be out of date.  8/23/99)
bulletTribute to General Nguyen Van Hieu.
bulletThe Battle for An Loc:  The ARVN Story. (Note:  This URL may be out of date.   8/23/99)
bulletThe Fall of Saigon.   Articles written by Vietnamese students at Mission College, California.
bulletThe STD Commandos Site.
bulletThe Battle of Xuan Loc.
bulletThe Death of General Le Van Hung.  "The Final Days of My Husband's Life, April 30, 1975."